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Thread: IGN World of Warcraft Updated Impressions

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    Default IGN World of Warcraft Updated Impressions

    rigtigt nice skrevet artikel, hvor man ligesom prøver at sætte benene på jorden og ser på hvad det er som Blizzard egentligt har releaset indtil vidre.
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    That time is not now, however, and anyone who says otherwise -- or worse, doesn't say anything about these problems at all -- isn't really playing the game. Because the way things are right now, World Warcraft is not as good as it should be. As it could be. As it deserves to be. It's also hard to tell exactly how the community will shape up as well as how PvP will play out, classes are balanced, and high level content is presented. That's why we're sharing some early impressions of the final game with you now and holding off on putting any final score on the game until we can explore the full depths of the game
    ligepræsist hvad jeg os har ment om alle dem som har lavet reviews allerede nu her. Spillet er sq ikke til 10/10 atm :P

    Og ellers godt review, udtrykker rigtig godt hvordan jeg havde det med spillet da jeg blev smidt af US OB
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